This Controversial, Shocking Horror Film Hopes To Start a Conversation about Euthanasia

As many horror fans are aware, their favorite genre has often been seen as a lower art form. Snubbed at the awards ceremonies, there’s still an unfair judgment that horror films are simple splatter-fests without complex plots and themes.

Of course, horror lovers know this is completely untrue, with films like Dawn of the Dead and They Live providing interesting social commentaries, and movies like Psycho which broke new boundaries of cinema. Now a controversial short horror film named Stop The Horror is being utilized to start a conversation about euthanasia and assisted suicide, proving again that the medium can be used to tackle difficult subjects.

It’s a topic likely to cause division, and make many people uncomfortable. In face, the film-makers have included a Stop Button visible inside the video player for viewers who are distressed by the footage. YouTube also pulled the video from their platform, though it is available to watch on it’s official website.

The film is based on the true story of Greg Sims, documenting the end of his life as he grows weaker due to a terminal illness. Director Justin Kurzel’s previous film focused on serial killers – and he doesn’t shy away from horror in his new film either. The central character is shown in hospital, suffering from convulsions in his final days, while his family watch in horror.

It comes days before the release of the Australian government’s ‘Voluntary Assisted Dying’ legislation, which is due to be debated by MPs in Victoria.

“Stop The Horror is a short, five-minute film dealing with unimaginable pain and despair it has been designed to be virtually unwatchable,” a spokesperson for the film explained.

You can view the film on the Stop The Horror website, though it is – as you would imagine, extremely difficult to view.

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