Stephen King Fan Creates Incredible Model of Derry, Maine


With hype building for the IT remake, horror fans are gearing up to return to Derry, Maine – possibly the scariest place in America to grow up. Artist Kassiopeya wanted to pay tribute to the iconic setting, and constructed this highly detailed model from a recycled stereo table.


The artist has been a fan of the novel IT since childhood, explaining “Derry is home to me; a visit there is like visiting an old friend. Like always, a walk on memory lane is associated with mixed feelings but once in a while you feel the need to take a look.”


My Derry – including its underground world of the sewers – is now integrated in that furniture. The novel, with all its references to Rock ‘n’ Roll in the Fifties has merged into a whole with that furniture, and has become part of it.”


“The surface represents the romantic sight of a Derry street bathed in the golden light of a late summer day. Only when you flip open the cabinet door do  you see what is underneath: The sewage pipes way down below… in the green glowing light of the deadlights.”