Stephen King Beta Tested A ‘The Shining’ Board Game – And You Can Download It Free


The Shining’s iconic hotel contained so many strange routes, twists and turns that it lends itself to the idea of a board game pretty well. Sadly, one never saw an official release – but this fan creation released back in 1998 did meet with Stephen King’s approval.


Although King famously voiced his dislike of the film adaption of his novel, apparently he was more satisfied with it’s board game. He was involved in the creation of the 1998 game, designed by Matthew Nadelhaft and one of it’s earlier beta testers.

The game is somewhat like a war game, where you can play as either the central characters of the novel or as The Overlook Hotel itself. The entire game is in the public domain, and can be downloaded from the Microgames design contest site.


The Torrance family members are able to “engage in mental attacks on the ghosts” and there are even “implements of destruction” available to use such as a snowmobile, an axe, a mallet, and a knife in the Overlook’s kitchen. Elements from the novel, not present in the film adaptation are also present – such as the live hedge animals.

Find out more at Board Game Geek and download the game here.