Staffordshire Stands Out For Horror Loving Daters

Staffordshire, located in the English West Midlands offers quite a few interesting locations for tourists and visitors – but might not be the first place that comes to mind for alternative and horror experiences. However, we have scoured around to find these unique, one-off experiences located in Staffordshire that should appeal to horror fans and those looking for something a little different.

For daters, emerging from lockdown restrictions may have left you short of inspiration for exciting locations to enjoy. Furthermore, many may have concerns about visiting formally staple date locations such as bars and cafes while maintaining social distancing. However, we have several unique ideas for Staffordshire Dating sure to bring couples together – and perhaps send a shiver down their spine. Lets explore the various horror inspired or spooky locations to consider for your next date in Staffordshire.

Probably the best known visitor spot in Staffordshire is the UKs largest theme park Alton Towers. The historic park is located Stoke on Trent, the largest settlement in the Staffordshire county. Although the park boasts the expected thrill rides and record breaking roller coasters – it also has a fascinating history and some beautiful landmarks. The ruins of the towers themselves and the large scale gardens make for a romantic setting themselves – perfect for sharing a picnic. However, for horror fans the theme park offers some spooky experiences to have daters clinging to each other.

Probably the best known attraction for inducing fear in fans of the dark and supernatural is Hex: The Legend of the Towers, based on a centuries old optical illusion which stood the test of time. It delves into a longstanding Staffordshire legend, the mythos of the Chained Oak Tree story in which the e Earl of Shrewsbury refused refuge to a homeless woman who placed a curse on his entire family. Hex presents the scary tale, set inside the tower buildings themselves, where a rotating room forms a memorable dark ride which gives the illusion of riders being turned upside down. Make sure you and your date get front row seats for a good look at the elaborate haunted tree prop in the centre of the rotating room!

Hex Ride concept art

For even more historic haunting, consider visiting Short Street, Longton on your next date in Staffordshire. The small cobbled street appears to be from another time, giving a definite creepy feel. It is home to three abandoned workers cottages, which seem to be the main source of the paranormal activity. Reports of ghostly events on Short Street have lead to it being considered on of Staffordshire’s most haunted locations. Visitors have reported hearing music and smelling cigarette smoke from the old cottages, in addition to a mysterious ghostly cat sitting on the doorsteps. Make sure you and your date and ready for a spooky evening visiting the eerie Short Street.

Short Street cottages

If the idea of digital dating is more appealing to you, you will of course want to consider consulting a Staffordshire Dating Site. For nervous daters, perhaps finding compatible dates online is a less intimidating option. Finding subjects to talk about can often be a source of anxiety when dating, so the past year has seen the rise of the virtual date – including the phenomenon of watch parties. Why not host an intimate watch party for two for your next date, with a selection of horror films set in Staffordshire?

The fantastically titled ‘The House of Screaming Death’ is set in the Manor House Museum in West Bromwich, Staffordshire. The anthology horror film sees a character called ‘The Architect’ telling four stories, each set in different time periods and each exploring a different part of the supernatural world. The indie film was heavily inspired by the films of iconic UK studio Hammer and saw great success on the festival circuit – impressive considering it’s low budget. Why not treat your date to a little slice of UK indie horror innovation with this Staffordshire anthology!

We hope we have given you some inspiration for your next date in Staffordshire. The county boasts a range of alternative and spooky locations – as well as films – to ensure your next date is one to remember.

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