Squeezing These Teddies Turns Them Into Horrifying Monsters

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An appropriate comment for these teddies would be “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”.

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At first looking innocent and cuddly, these stuffed animals have a nightmare inducing surprise for any child unfortunate enough to give them a hug!

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They’re called Feisty Pets, and they’re probably great for ensuring that any child you hate will never speak to you again. The manufacturer describes them as ‘a line of plush animals with “stuffed attitude”! Each pet changes expression from cute to ‘feisty’ when you gently squeeze it behind the ears.’ Some of the critters look less ‘feisty’ and more ‘rabid’ though.


The characters have creative names, like Sammy Suckerpunch (dog), Princess Pottymouth (cat), Grandmaster Funk (monkey) and Sir Growls-a-Lot (bear).

Check out the video below to see them in action.