Spooky Latex Monocles Look Like Bone And Metal

LA-based mask maker, prop builder, and FX makeup artist Kristen Phillips created a gorgeous collection of spooky steampunk monocles under the name of S. Anomalous. Her designs were inspired by “nature, mythology, history, architecture and the supernatural.” Even though they are all made of flexible latex and laser-cut plastic lenses, they do look as if they’re made of bone and metal. This makes them look heavy and authentic, although in reality they are fairly light and comfortable.

The artist explains, “Once it’s glued on, you’re good to go for a day/night of masquerading, costume balling, carnivaling, dancing, bacchanalian feasting, general partying, whatever,” writes Phillips. ”Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get your monocle on while doing laundry or taking out the trash either.”

Check out these cool monocles below.