Spooky Browser-Based Games To Play This Winter

When the nights are longer and temperatures drop, a sense of spookiness can hang in the air for months on end. Horror fans can make the most of this by firing up their PC or smartphone and checking out the latest games made with spine-tingling chills and thrills in mind.

There are tons of spooky games to play this winter which can be enjoyed right in your web browser, with no downloading necessary. Here are just a few top options to take for a spin if you are looking for scary fun.

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Vampires vs Wolves

If you are fan of slots games and you still want to indulge your fascination with the macabre, Vampires vs Wolves could be a great way to pass the time on a gloomy winter’s evening.

Available from casumo.com, this particular title is developed by the team at Pragmatic Play and has a host of special features to go on top of the usual reel spinning, including Wilds and free spins. With great graphics, alluring symbols based on the theme and the option to play free as well as for cash, it has something for everyone.

Keep Me Burning

Oozing atmosphere and playable in web browser with the Unity engine helping to deliver slick visuals, this platformer is undeniably spooky as well as surprisingly satisfying to play.

Keep Me Burning lets you play as an almost featureless protagonist, navigating dank dungeons with nothing but an oil lamp for company. As the name suggests, the chief goal is to make sure that the lamp does not go out, although there are also plenty of traps to avoid in the process.

While the aesthetics are impressive, it is the audio that really does a good job of creating an engaging, tense and occasionally terrifying sense of place in this free browser game.

Story Of The Mirror

Embracing a style that harks back to the earliest days of gaming, this is a title that does not offer huge amounts of depth in terms of the controls, but delivers spookiness in spades thanks to the unnerving soundscape and well written text elements.

Story of the Mirror is a perfect example of where less is more; it does not need flashy features to grab your attention, instead relying on the player to uncover the small but perfectly formed world and all of its disturbing, unsettling elements.

Dark Days Ahead

On the surface, Dark Days Ahead feels a little like a rehash of Asteroids, albeit without giving the player the ability to fight back against the objects that bombard them. Underneath, it is a game with an intriguing premise; you play as the final ever particle of light, coursing through the void of space in an effort to stay in one piece while various dark forces try to snuff you out.

Once again this is fairly straightforward to pick up and play, with the spookiness coming from the way that the story of the game is told. It goes above and beyond the basics of a typical arcade-style title and should be singled out for it.

Under The Bed

The title of this game may be a little on the nose, but its presentation and its general unusualness quickly make up for this.

What is especially scary about Under The Bed is that, for the most part, it plays in total darkness, with only the player character visible. In order to see what is around, you have to literally pause the game and ‘focus’ the character’s mind. This instils a sense of dread that is hard to find elsewhere, since you never know what might have appeared onscreen between pauses.

If you only try one of these spooky browser games, make it this one, and maybe turn the light off in your own room to deepen the experience further.


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