News Bites: Lee Hardcastle’s Spook Train 3D


The world’s first feature length claysplotation. 

Spook Train is the world’s first feature length claysplotation from Lee Hardcastle, director of Pingu’s THE THING, T IS FOR TOILET, and Claycat’s THE RAID. Hardcastle is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to support the making of the film. Lee Hardcastle began claymation full-time in 2010 after success with The Evil Dead in 60 seconds. The following year he sold all his belongings to support an unpaid career and created short films that screened at Cannes and won a place in the feature film ABCs Of Death. He’s gone on to work with Momentum Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Sufjan Stevens, Kill The Noise, Portugal. The Man, had his fan film Claycat included on The Raid DVD and recently received the MTV Clubland Video of Year award.


Lee had planned to make the film over a ten year period, working on it between paid jobs. He planned to make the film in short, anthology style segments due to the restrictions of being a tiny studio. When he told his friends the plan, one suggested he make a fake trailer to promote the project and attempt to finance it through crowdfunding.

Due to the nature of filming stop motion, the film is set for release in time for Halloween 2016. The synopsis read – “Three kids discover the remains of the legendary Spook Train, they’re about to experience why it was shut down by a moral panic. It’s a dark ride with an even darker sense of humor” Lee explained the aims of the project as “The film will be 60 – 90 minutes long but duration is not the priority, the quality of the production is. We want to aim for a more beautifully crafted clay animated film and stray away from the cruder made-for-youtube examples. The larger the budget, the more we can focus on other aspects of the production that can propel a film to orgasmic heights.”

All of the stop motion is created by hand, using simple materials, but the team need backers in order to rent studio space for two years. Reaching their kickstarter goal would also fund props, art materials, sets, studio fees, sound design fees and music composer fees.

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Rewards for backing the film include custom animations, limited edition BluRays, blood from the set, HD downloads of Lee’s work, signed postcards, stop motion tutorials, soundtracks and a sequel to the infamous T is for Toilet as an HD download.

To back the film, or find out more, check out –

Lee’s Website