Sonar Billboard Attracts Bats To Promote Canadian Horror Channel

When marketing teams get creative, the results are often unique and fascinating pieces of advertising. We love when the horror community comes up with something truly clever, as is the case with Terror TV. They’re a Canadian TV channel dedicated to the horror genre including feature films, cult movies, and television series.

They’re most recent programming is set to be a vintage movie marathon, paying tribute to some of the most iconic historical horror films. To promote the event, the channel teamed up with art director Nicole Alchin to create the ‘Sonar Bat Billboard’. Adorned with a monochrome image of silent classic Nosferatu, the billboards are equipped with sonar emitting technology. Because bats rely on echolocation to navigate the darkness, they are drawn to the high frequency sounds made by the custom billboard.

As a result, bats will surround the billboard at night, creating a stunning horror-themed interactive ad. Bats get a bad reputation, but many of us horror fans think they’re misunderstood, cuddly winged puppies. And this seems to be a pretty awesome way of seeing these creatures up close.

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