Would You Sleep In This Horrifically Gory Tent?

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Artist Andrea Hasler created this tent that looks like blood and guts from a body horror film. The art piece, titled “Matriarch” and a smaller accompanying piece called “Next of Kin” are made from sculpted fiberglass covered with wax, leather and blood details that look like human intestines, tissues and skin.

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Hasler, the Zurich, Switzerland-born and now London-based artist, was commissioned by New Greenham Arts to create a piece for Greenham Common in Berkshire, England. That site held the Women’s Peace Camp, which was made famous when 30,000 women joined hands around the perimeter of an American airbase to protest nuclear weapons being held there.

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Many of the artists work incorporates themes of body and skin. She explains“It’s almost like I am taking the fabric of the tent, the sort of the nylon element of the tent, and I make the fabric, this skin layer as sort of the container for emotion, or sort of the container to hold emotion, as in the skin holding emotion.”

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