Slay Together, Stay Together – Horror’s Scariest Couples

Who Are Horror’s Scariest Couples?

Horror fans, does the thought of being forced to sit down and watch a romantic comedy fill you with dread? Have you seen more than enough repetitive romance movies with perfect looking people and forced drama to last an eternity? Are you a loving partner who thinks there are better ways to say ‘I love your brains’ than with chocolate and flowers?

We’re here to present the best and scariest couples in cinema! While you might not want to be in these relationships, the films certainly make date night viewing more exciting.

Are you in a relationship where you share a love of horror? Let us know if you think you could beat out these killer couples from horror history.

They might be a pair of animatronic dolls, but there is a lot of life to Chucky & Tiffany of the ‘Child’s Play’ series. Chucky – given that he is a serial killer reanimated as a children’s toy – doesn’t really form relationships in the original film. But in ‘Bride of Chucky’, we see him meet his match in the witty and brutal Tiffany. Proving that mayhem and murder only enhance their dark relationship, – the dolls have stayed together and even had their offspring featured in the follow up movie ‘Seed of Chucky’.

Oskar and Eli from the memorable film ‘Let The Right One In‘ perfectly capture the innocence of first love in this cult Sweedish romantic horror. The two young actors received critical acclaim for their portrayals of a lonely, bullied child who falls for a mysterious vampire. Both feeling invisible and misunderstood, the two bond over their shared experiences of being outsiders. The relationship is dark and dangerous, but the beautifully shot film manages to get across an innocence and vulnerability that – despite the supernatural elements – will bring back memories of first love to many people.

As well as a gruesome body horror inspired by degenerative illness, The Fly is also one of the great cinematic tragic romances of horror history. Seth Brundle and Veronica Quaife  are shown from the beginning stages of their relationship, to their intellectual conversations, to their first sexual encounter. We see them form a strong bond, before being forced to ultimately watch everything be destroyed as Seth slowly morphs into a human-fly hybrid. This classic monster movie is made all the more impactful as we see the changes in Brundle’s body translate into damaging the previously excellent romantic relationship he shared with Veronica.

Hellraiser might not strike you as a romantic film, but the twisted tale of hedonism, sadism and torture is heavily influenced by the on screen relationship between Julia and Frank. It’s certainly not a relationship anyone would want to be in, but it does present a destructive and forbidden romance that make Hellraiser much more than a gory monster movie. Frank the brother of Julia’s husband, who she held a secret desire for relies on her to bring him victims. His survival and growing strength are tied to this secretive relationship which unravels as the cenobites close in.

Who do you think are some of the scariest couple in horror? Let us know which pairs of killers would make your list!