Has the slasher film had its day?

It’s Halloween, everyone is entitled to one good scare or has the scare gone from the slasher film and its time to leave it behind us? Or more accurately we have a collection of slasher films that define this genre and recent attempts to add to the collection have fallen short. The origins of the Slasher can be traced back to Thirteen Woman in (1932) and in its wake came Michael Powels classic, Peeping Tom (1960), Halloween (1978) leading up to a Slasher bonanza in the 1980s leaving us with a host of horror villain heroes.

So we are asking, do you know of any recent slasher films that can stand next to the classics? And does the language defined in these films, screaming girls, blood splatter, demonic bad guys, helpless victims and hapless police seem lost and out of date for a modern horror film?