Skully Sunflowers Bring A Spooky Spring, And You Can Make Them Yourself

When Beejay Oslon and his family moved into their first home in Eugene, Oregon, on Halloween 2016 he knew he wanted spooky traditions to be part of the life of his two children. He started out by making gravestones and eyeballs to decorate his house and garden, before he was inspired to create these fantastic scary sunflower sculptures.

“For the last three years, our displays have grown little by little,” Oslon told TODAY Home. “After Halloween last year, I knew I wanted to really do something special. I was shopping all the sales after Halloween, collecting discount plastic skulls, lights and other props to use the following year. When I saw these giant sunflowers at a craft store, I thought they’d make such a unique prop. Something no one else had.”

Oslon’s current display features an entire skeleton garden scene, complete with a skeleton gardener who pours water onto a bed of spooky flowers from a skull-adorned watering can. And, the addition of spider webs and spooky lighting makes the scene even more chilling when it gets dark.

The family have been documenting their creative talents on Instagram, and although followers have requested Oslon sell his creations, he says he’s yet to decide if he’ll pursue making a profit from the skull flowers. He did however share a tutorial with instructions on how to make these displays by yourself. “The basics of the flowers are really simple,” said Oslon. “Find some plastic skulls and flowers that fit together well size-wise, then you simply cut the back off the skulls and hot glue them to the flowers.”


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He bulk buys cheap plastic skulls, then uses layers of paint to give them a more realistic finish. He added moss and uneven textures to the flowers to make them look more like plants found in nature. Full instructions can be found here.

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