Skull Jewelry!? Why Not?

A skull is one of the most prominent symbols in fashion. We are used to branding logos, roses, and hearts that make nice patterns in fabrics or lend its silhouettes for jewelry but skulls are still taboo for many people. Would you dare to wear a skull ring or earrings? Or you think that death symbolism is only for Satanists and occultists? In fact, skulls are not exactly about death. Their meaning is two-, and even more, fold. You might be surprised to learn how many facets they have. Ready to find out something new? Alright, then stay tuned to unravel the mystery of a skull.

As Ancient as Anciently Itself

The fashion of wearing skulls didn’t appear in the 20th century. It all started thousands of years ago, presumably, in the Stone Age. Our ancestors wore everything they could find as totems and charms, including animal and bird bones and craniums. People’s skulls were in use as well. The skulls of revered tribesmen, for example, leaders, became totems. In a dwelling, they were placed on a makeshift altar. If one tribe was at enmity with another, the skulls of slain enemies became a means of intimidation. They were planted on sticks or weapons to instill fear in opponents. However, a skilled warrior or military leader from a hostile camp was killed, ancient people showed more respect to his remains. Our ancestors believed that the skull of a glorious warrior can transfer his strength, courage, and ferocity to a person who owns it.

Not only Death

It is hard to believe it but skulls symbolize life, especially eternal life, and resurrection. When flesh turns to dust, the only thing that is left after a person is his or her bones. People noticed that bones and skulls are indestructible and, of course, they immediately endowed them with magical properties. Our ancestors believed that skulls didn’t deteriorate because they had something to do with mystical forces living in other worlds. If you cajole them, your wish for eternal life will be granted. Since a skull was sort of a mediator between our and the other world, it became an indispensable attribute of all sorts or rituals and rites. Even today you can see shamans and witches using skulls.

A Symbol of Wisdom

Another meaning of a skull is intelligence and wisdom. It is a no-brainer to guess why it obtained this significance – a skull accommodates brain, and the brain is responsible for mental activity. You can see images of craniums across medieval philosophical and medical treatises. And the reason why ancient philosophers adored this symbol is not that it represents death but because it is a container of wisdom.

Guardian Angel

So, a skull denotes life. Every person wants to extend his or her life. It is natural that they turn to a skull for help in that matter. Shamans and priests used skulls in rituals whereas regular folks wore them as talismans and totems. They were supposed to protect from adversity, troubles, illnesses, injuries, and, of course, death. Even today lots of people resort to skulls considering them their patron saints. This is the reason why bikers rock skull jewelry. They believe that a skull is a death’s mark. When the Grim Reaper is going to come after a rider, it sees its mark and retreats. That’s why a biker will never get into a saddle without a skull ring or necklace. This is a bad omen. Jokes with death can bring one to a hospital or even cemetery. It’s good that there is a symbol that drives Grim Reaper away.

Show Off Your Masculinity

Skulls are a universal symbol that suits men and women alike. However, its intimidating appearance is just what the doctor ordered for males wishing to enhance their masculinity. After all, men were the first to wear skulls in battles. Even to this day military units all over the world utilize skulls in their insignia. You don’t have to be military to rock this symbol though; it is available for civilians, too.

A massive silver cranium hanging from an equally massive chain necklace screams of virility, energy, and strength. When you see a guy flaunting such accessories, you think he is badass (of course, if his look is in harmony with his jewelry).

Along with that, girls can also benefit from skull jewelry. The win-win accessory is a sugar skull. You can rock it as a ring, pendant, earrings, bracelet, etc. The difference between sugar skulls and their counterparts is that the former are super feminine and gentle. They carry a flower wreath, floral patterns on the cheeks and brow, and are often encrusted with gems.

See, skulls are not scary. They are mesmerizing and enthralling. If you pick your skull jewelry carefully, it will become your totem. Even without any supernatural powers that people ascribe to them, skulls are buzzworthy accessories. Maybe it’s time for you, too, to explore the beauty of a skull?

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