Skins Stars on the Run in Indie ‘Blood Money’


Skins actors Ollie Barbieri and Klariza Clayton reunite in thriller/horror Blood Money, a film in which five friends begin to turn on each other after an art heist gone wrong.

Having remained largely out of the spotlight since his portrayal of the socially inept teenager ‘JJ’ in the 2nd generation of Skins, the 25-year-old Bristolian now returns to screen as the wily and sharp-witted ‘Reese’ in the tense psychological thriller Blood Money, available on iTunes this month.


Here’s the synopsis: “After a botched art heist in France, a group of friends are left with a body on their hands and the French police hot on their trail. They plan to hide the body, sell the painting, and return home. But as they wait for their chance to escape from their secluded holiday home, they realise the body has gone missing. Paranoia and fear sets in and the friends begin to turn on each other. Soon it is clear there’s a killer in the house and the group must figure out who is responsible before they all suffer the consequences.”

Find out more at the film’s website.

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