Skeleton Light Paintings

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Light photography has had something of a resurgence recently and ever more photographers are dedicating their attention to painting with light. Light painting or light graffiti involves taking photos in the dark or in low light by delaying the shutter speed of the camera and filling the frame with designs created by light.

The effect can be used to created designs or text in the air or on a wall or even around a subject Light photography can also be used if you wish to light up a subject in a unique or unorthodox manner, creating sharp shadows at odd angles or even lighting your subject differently when you cannot change or move the natural light. Artist Janne Parviainen is a perfect example of someone who creates highly detailed pieces of art using light, including these awesome skeletons.

Parviainen is a 35-year-old artist from Helsinki, Finland. He is one of the most well known light painting artists and his work has been featured in many publications including The National Geographic and The Guardian. Janne has organized light art work shops, performances, music videos, exhibitions and commercial work as a solo artist and with the Finnish light art collective Valopaja he is part of. Check out some of his creepiest pieces below, or find out more at his official website.

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