Horror Comics Pay Tribute To Dark Side of Glasgow


While we cover indie horror from all over the world, it’s always great to see exciting projects here in our home country of Scotland. So we were immediately drawn to Sink – a horror/crime comic series set in the fictional Glasgow East End district Sinkhill. Glasgow certainly has some dark historic tales in it’s past, so this twisted love letter to the city is sure to pack some scares!


The series is written by John Lees and illustrated by Alex Cormack. The team are currently seeking funding via Kickstarter to take the project to the next level, increasing distribution and release merchandise.


In SINK #1, Allan, an affluent young suburbanite, misses the last bus home after a night out in Glasgow City Centre, forcing him to walk through the inner city. Allan’s journey takes him into the East End district of Sinkhill, where he is subjected to a psychotic bus driver, deviant youths, a shovel-wielding vigilante, and the nightmare that waits in the blue van… just another Friday night in Sinkhill.


The Kickstarter campaign offers unique rewards for getting involved, including a soundtrack to the story, merchandise, and the chance to be featured as a Sinkhill killer clown!

The comic has received high praise within the horror community, with James Ferguson of Horror Talk explaining: Between the bus, the dickheads, and Mr. Dig, you’ve got more than enough terror in one comic. Then you continue on in a series of pages that is somehow a million times scarier than anything that came before it.”

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Head over to Kickstarter to find out more and support the campaign.

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