Sinister : Movie Review

The author of detective novels in search of inspiration moves with his family to a house with a dark past, where the murder was committed. Living the previous successes, now he is ready to do anything to finish a new novel about a brutal crime that occurred in the house, and about which he decided not to tell the family. And all would be nothing, if in the attic there were not fond mysterious films, depicting numerous, similar to ritual murders, for which he immediately grasps, as a sip of ideological inspiration for the book. But at some point, the disclosure of these secret massacres and the end of the novel will take less priority when his own life and the safety of the family will be threatened.

Revealing the secrets of this case in the course of the story along with the hero of the director Scott Derrickson perfectly manages to convey the crushing atmosphere of mystery, when it is not yet clear whether the serial killer is in question or it is some supernatural entity that lives in the house. The atmosphere is heating up, the roof is slowly moving, ghosts are coming, and it is not immediately clear how the situation will build up and what our main hero will do. In general Ethan Hawke was perfect in the role. His character is ready for action, but he can not stop and has to go to the end, so as not to become the new “hero” of the next part of the series of short films Sinister.

In the movie, there is one particular entity or creature that is called Bagul. He consumes the souls of human children and is a very scary thing. As you watch the movie carefully you will understand his evil intentions. But one of the most interesting facts is that he is such a popular antagonist among movie villains, that Bagul caused a lot of furore. Bagul became very popular with the fans, so the studio started making and selling some merchandise. They even signed some contracts with different studios. Video game developers and even online casinos started to feature Bagul in some of the most popular casino slots online as well. If we consider the development of online casinos in Canada it was considered to be a very good decision.

Derrickson really succeeds to make a low-budget mystical horror a wonderful dish with excellent acting and an adequate atmosphere of fear. A dish that gives enough thrills, without any new elements, but perfectly affects the audience’s consciousness through a woven of shadows, sounds and old films atmosphere, when the film balances between the detective and the movie about ghosts. All the classic scare chips are present: an empty attic, where you need to climb at night to explore the mysterious sounds, the cursed house, alcohol, blurring the line between nightmare and reality, etc.

Bloody and shocking scenes in the tape only imply when a lawnmower hits someone’s face, and the executioner’s axe hangs in the air, the camera turns to the side. There is a feeling that the director smoothly moves the plot, gets pleasure, gradually driving the hero crazy and forcing him to do rash things, while the paranormal monster remains behind the scenes of all that is happening. And no matter what they call the mysterious monsters hiding in our closets or in this case video camera films: Bagul, Boogeyman, Baba Yaga or Babadook (each director has his own “folklore”), but Derrickson does not place this monster in the first place.

The mystery of history and search for clues, in which the development of the hero is the centre of the narrative, these are the principles on which Sinister stands out from the line of similar movies and it is clearly a film which you will remember for a long time. It is a skillfully intertwining psychological family drama and mystical horror. Such movies with a standard set of elements can be recalled quite a lot, but it is rare that they film them, which causes emotions.  And Sinister is just capable of it. And let it be, at the same time, the ending, which does not become some unexpected revelation, but it still does not end with a trivial happy ending.