“Silver Balls Are Ringing”; it’s The Phantasm Holiday Special

A rare threat has been unearthed for the holidays by MIKAL Films / Darkly Films. Finally horror fans can catch a glimpse of the lost Phantasm Holiday Special shown on CBS only once, on November 17, 1979, and then never aired again.

The film company found this television trailer buried in a pile of celluloid film in the back of CBS studios, long forgotten by the studio execs. They took the tape, and have decided to share it with the world.

(In case you’re not in on the joke, there was not a holiday special -sadly- the video is a parody of the famously awful Star Wars Holiday Special)

However, if there ever was or is a Phantasm special warning us that”silver balls are ringing” – it might be the best Christmas special ever.

Check out the trailer below.

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