Short Horror KEEP MUM Explores Beyond the Limits of Sanity

KEEP MUM, is a psychological short thriller, a horror/drama by screenwriter and director Luana Di Pasquale (Lunadipas Films), produced by Lisa Turnbull (Reblis Films) in association with QareyFilm. KEEP MUM is a controversial, thought-provoking story of a woman pushed beyond the edge of sanity – an exploration of trauma in the final stage of the cycle of domestic abuse, which is a personal concern of the writer/director.

KEEP MUM stars a real-life mother and son: Nadira Murray – who has received high praise from both the public and the press for her stage performance of Medea, BBC Radio 4 production Dead and Awake and on screen for Baku I Love You alongside actress Asia Argento – is now performing for the first time with her eight-year-old son Cameron Murray.Keep Mum was conceived around the same time as the #TimesUp, #MeToo and #ThesilenceBreakers movements were achieving prevalence and it occurred to Luana that now was a time better than ever to tell this story: ‘I feel it is important to do anything possible to understand the psychological and emotional implication of the cycle of abuse, and I believe telling this story at such an accommodating time will help work towards achieving that.’

KEEP MUM was completed on 16th June 2019 and is premiering at the Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival in Portland, USA on the 6th December 2019. KEEP MUM is also a pilot for Luana Di Pasquale’s debut feature film My Enemy Within.

You can watch the trailer at the official website.