This Short Film About A Sock Monster Is Hitting Horror Festivals

​Darren Lynn Bousman and Wesley Alley are about to hit the festival circuit with a bizarre horror short titled ‘SockMonster‘.

The film opens on Anne, shattered by the loss of her young daughter. Devastated, and drinking heavily, the mother refuses to let her go and finds that it’s not only socks that go missing in the dryer.

The short opens with little indication of it’s bizarre nature; the opening creating a feeling of stillness and quiet in a house where something tragic has occurred. We are shown various parts of the house touched by the loss of Anne’s child, including a box labeled ‘HERS’ and a makeshift hideaway in front of the washer and dryer.

It’s only when the title of the film is shown on screen that it occurs to the viewer that this might not be a strictly serious horror short. Yet, despite the B-Movie-esque name and premise, there’s a high production value to SockMonster. It has some extremely clever shots; such as the washer and dryer resembling an abstract, eerie face in the backdrop. It’s clear that The Babadook was a big influence on the film, with the events being revealed to a grieving female character through a household object.

The jump-scares are kept to a reasonable number – and are more effective for it. SockMonster straddles a difficult crossover of horror-comedy and b-movie imagery – against scenes laying out the feelings of raw grief and anguish in Anne. But in four minutes, it’s a nice blend of the two styles coming together without feeling jarring.

Find out more about the film here or keep up to date on it’s Instagram.



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