Short Film Review: ‘Adonis and Aphrodite’



If the likes of The Stepford Wives and hit tv show Desperate Housewives  taught society anything, it’s that suburbia can be as twisted and dark as it is peaceful and domicile.

‘Adonis and Aphrodite’– the latest scintillating short from English writer and director David Chaudoir, again proves that the most terrifying place on earth could be just behind your neighbours’ white picket fence.

At 12 minutes and with a big story to tell, the film takes a minimalist approach, with one nameless character in her greenhouse recounting how the arrival of her mysterious Greek neighbours had herself, her husband Mike and the rest of the street on their heads.

The film has a very distinctive British tone, reminiscent of hailed horror/comedy Shawn of the Dead or black comedy series JAM. Actress Madeleine Bower is a true middle class witch of East Yorkshire who wreaks of years of repression, judgement and suspicion.

Our protagonist contemplating the idea that calling Greeks lazy is not racism. “They’re just a nation”

At first whimsical and light, the story takes a strange twist, catching the audience by surprise. What starts as a little weird slowly develops into a tale more sinister than we had originally anticipated.

Without giving too much away, the ending is great and, true to the style of the film as a whole, is a perfect blend of terror and tongue-in-cheek. All in all it is an engaging storytelling experience with a twist of quintessential pan- faced British humour.

A fun and frightful short worth checking out once released to general audiences and another success for director/ writer David Chaudoir. It’s currently making rounds of the festival circuit but you can follow their progress here.



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