Shit People Say to Women Who like Horror!

We highlighted earlier this Women in Horror Month some fantastic female centred horror blogs for you to check out. One of these bloggers, KweenyTodd has released a video to YouTube in the style of the ‘Shit People Say’ viral trend. In this case, the video highlights “Shit People Say to Women Who like Horror!”

KweenyTodd explains “Because these things are said way to frequently to women like myself (who treat horror not just as a passing fancy, but a way of life), I made a little video of some of the many things people have said to me and some of my fellow horror female friends.”

Check out the video below.

Kweeny is a lover of the darker things in life, such as horror, Halloween and of course, bones. She’s always been fascinated by things like taxidermy and bones, ever since she was small. Kweeny writes for several horror publications such as Living Dead Magazine, but also runs her own horror blog

As well as writing, editing and other wordy pursuits, Kweeny enjoys creating things. She loves the process of cleaning and painting bones, as it gives new life to things discarded. Some people just give her bones to work with. Several friends have shown up with bones in different states of decay and asked her to finish the job.



You can purchase items from Kweeny’s shop here.

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