Share Your Christmas Horror Sex Tale With Us

As we head into the festive season, Popcorn Horror has teamed up with Smut Slam to create a unique horror project.

Smut Slam is a series of storytelling events dedicated to real-life first-person sex stories, created and hosted by touring artist and professional potty-mouth Cameryn Moore. Cameryn’s first Smut Slam took place in Boston in February 2011. Since then, this exciting, engaging, and occasionally awkward storytelling experience has happened all over North America, the UK, and more recently in Berlin and Prague too.

The storytelling events have been particularly welcomed to Scotland, and we have worked with them during Glasgow Horror Festival

Rosin Caird, who manages the Scotland event explained – “”Smut Slam offers people the chance to talk about experiences, truths and secrets which they might not have been able to before! The anonymous aspect of the Fuckbucket allows for more freedom for people to be open and I think that’s very liberating for a lot of people. I love the crossover with horror because it’s brings out some of the more awkward, funny, not to mention strange aspects of people’s experiences. I can’t wait to read everyone’s confessions!”

And now – we’re asking you to get involved. Tell us a sex based scary true Christmas horror story in the Smut Slam FUCKBUCKET! We’ll pick the three most outrageous, spooky or sensational  seasonal submissions and include them anonymously in the December Popcorn Horror magazine.

Head over to the FUCKBUCKET now to share your stories.

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