SFX Artist Shows Actors Side-By-Side With Their Creepiest Characters

It’s incredible how studios use special effects to transform actors into terrifying characters. With horror movie villains crafted using puppetry, masks, makeup, animatronics and CGI – filmmakers employ a variety of techniques to bring nightmarish characters to life. The owner of Fxattics Studios, Angela Norris from Brooklyn, decided to show the actors that played some of the most iconic horror characters alongside their fictional counterparts.

As a prop designer and mask maker, Angela wanted to demonstrate the huge amount of work involved in the transformations. A lifelong horror fan, she explained; “I was born in Salem, Massachusetts, so you could say horror is in my blood. I have been in love with horror and monsters since I was 4 years old, at which time I accidentally watched A Nightmare on Elm Street with my brother Ken. My husband Alan and I run Fxattics Studios. I run the artistic side and he runs the business and marketing.

Angela cites legendary FX artists Rick Baker, Tom Savini, and Ve Neil as her biggest inspirations. “Seeing the joy our masks have brought to people makes everything we do worth it. There’s something about being the bump in the night on Halloween that fuels us.”, she said.

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Freddy Krueger And Robert Englund From “A Nightmare On Elm Street”
Chucky And Brad Dourif From “Child’s Play”
Pinhead And Doug Bradley From “Hellraiser”
Twisty The Clown And John Carroll Lynch From “American Horror Story”
Valak And Bonnie Aarons From “The Nun”
Samara And Daveigh Chase From “The Ring”
Leatherface And Gunnar Hansen From “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”
Jason Voorhees And Kane Hodder From “Friday The 13th”
San And Quinn Lord From “Trick ‘R Treat”
Lord Of Darkness, Pennywise And Frank N. Furter By Tim Curry From “Legend,” “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” And “It”
Creeper And Jonathan Breck From “Jeepers Creepers”
Captain Spaulding And Sid Haig From “House Of 1000 Corpses”