Seventies Style Horror “Roman A Clef” Seeking Funding

“Roman A Clef” is a French term that referrers to a novel in which real people or events appear with invented names. It’s also the name of an intriguing indie horror film starring James Paxton, Madeline Zima, Brad Oberhofer and Kate Freund.

Madeline Zima, known for her work on the TV series Californication and recently in the new Twin Peaks is also starring in the film.

The film is currently seeking funding via IndieGoGo and follows a fashion photography crew that heads to a remote ranch house to shoot, only to get terrorized by a pair of ghoulish strangers. After murdering most of the crew, the strangers drag two survivors to their compound and attempt to initiate them into a bizarre cult.

The film is set to be heavily influenced by 1970s horror, particularly Roman Polanski and Tobe Hooper – a slowly building, tense horror experience.

The team are offering a range of rewards for backers of the film on IndieGoGo, and you can also watch the trailer below.


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