Show Off Your Knowledge of Serial Killers with this Board Game


There is not denying it. Serial Killers are fascinating. Sure, they represent the absolute worst in humanity, but there is something undeniably fascinating about the way their minds work. If you’ve spend far too many hours watching documentaries on history’s most prolific murderers, then you’ve finally found a board game to put that knowledge to good use!


If you’ve ever had the urge to slaughter your friends in a friendly board game, you need the Serial Killer Trivia Game from Culture Heroes, Inc. Players choose from Richard Ramirez, Aileen WuornosEd Gein, Albert Fish and Ted Bundy as their game pieces, and embark on a murderous rampage to be the first to claim five victims.


Geek in the City have in in-depth review of the gameplay here. We’re betting that they play this one on game night in the Addam’s Family home!