Sending Scares – 13 Horror Themed Valentine’s Cards

It’s almost time for the season of romance, and like every year, the shelves are full of cards and gifts featuring hearts, teddies and flowers. Valentine’s cards of the past actually featured more movie monsters than the usual romance, or sometimes a variety of threatening and unsettling images.

Nowadays, you’re probably not going to find cards featuring cannibalism in local gift shops. But luckily there are many talented online artists creating unique, horror themed greetings cards. Here’s our pick of the best 13 horror themed Valentine’s cards to send to your beloved ghoul or monster. We’ve included the links below for you to check out the artist’s site and order your scary cards.

Stranger Things Card Pack by Matthew Lineham

Jaspn by AlleycatGraphics

Loving Dead by AstroDiablo

Monsters Need Love Too by OniricalZubieta 

Roses are Dead by ApothicaireDeMort

Bride & Groom by ArtOfAnastasiaCatris

Love Sucks by BatinYourBelfry 

Zombie by PRIINCEX

Light of my Life by finalgirls

I hate everyone by CamiliaSa

Monsters by StubbornPixelStudios

I Hate Everyone by CamiliaSa

The Thing by ghoulhish

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