Sean Whalen is Crowdfunding a Sock Monster Horror Movie


Horror star Sean Whalen has written and will star in a new horror comedy called CRUST. Also starring horror favorites Felissa Rose and Scout Taylor-Compton, CRUST is a throwback creature feature in the vein of Little Shop of Horrors, Gremlins, and Willard.

The story revolves around Vegas Winters (Whalen), a burned out former child star who now works in a laundromat and collects all the forgotten and lost socks left behind in the dryers. At the height of his depressed rut, Vegas cries into the pile of socks and CRUST is born. The only problem is, CRUST gets angry. Very angry. Now CRUST is a bloodthirsty sock monster that will do anything to defend and protect his creator!


With many more cast members yet to be announced, CRUST will boast practical effects and a story that is crazy, scary, disgusting, heartfelt, and hilarious and the filmmakers are asking horror fans for their help!

The following is a message from writer and star Sean Whalen telling where the story came from and why you should get involved with the project on Indiegogo:

“Recently I went through some large personal changes that shook me to the core. I got a divorce, moved, and my father passed within the same year. I went through a year of heavy anxiety and depression. I worked hard in therapy and came out the other end, but I realized something. We ALL suffer sometimes. ALL OF US. Then I sat down with a good friend, Jim Wald and wrote a story: A story of a lonely depressed man, Vegas Winters, who has a sock monster named CRUST which grew from his tears. It’s a horror comedy. It’s fun, it’s different, and it has a heart. The heart is CRUST. Because I believe we would all love to have a little monster that would do anything for us when we are in our darkest times.”


“We want to tell this story. We want you all to see it. So we are trying to raise the money for physical production to start. The independent movie world has changed and most films that remain creatively unique are made outside of the studio system. So, I have surrounded myself with people who are passionate and uplifting to help me. We hope you can help, too. Because I believe, if you have experienced any tough times in your life, the power of movies to escape from that pain is transcendent. But, it is also nice to feel like you are not alone.”

Get involved with CRUST on Indiegogo here, and follow along with the progress on Facebook.