‘SCYTHE’ A Realistic Slasher Launches Kickstarter


Last month we reviewed SCYTHE, a short horror film which we praised for its update to classic 70s slashers and realistic female lead. Writer/director Jim Rothman created the short too cement the concept for a feature film – which you can now help to support on Kickstarter.

The campaign page sets out what marks SCYTHE as a unique entry in the slasher subgenre. The team are tired of the cliches and want to get the genre back to it’s roots – with some modern twists. Rothman want to abandon the stock teenage victims to create characters we can connect to within the slasher world. He explains: “You won’t find any characters running upstairs when they should be going out the front door, or identifying themselves by calling out “Who’s There” in the dark, or tripping over absolutely nothing. (my personal “favorite”). Instead, we are focusing on the character’s human qualities and taking the time to focus on developing three dimensional characters that actually have lives, that we actually care about, and what they might really do when faced with perilous situations. The girls fight back, the killer can be hurt, they are alert, aware, recognize their surroundings, they can use car keys and no cats jump out at anyone!”

So far the project has raised almost $8,000 of it’s $50,000 target. However the team already have secured funding of half of the total budget themselves meaning that the film is over halfway to meeting it’s goal. They have the standard stuff as perks for supporting the campaign; Blu-Rays, scripts – alongside some really fun and innovative ones. Fans can place gags inside the film or discuss their own horror projects with the director as part of some of the packages.

The filmmkaers promise: “Stylistically, we’re going to blend the fluidity of compassionate moment-to-moment movement with a handheld, realistic, chaotic, indie vibe. Through the seamless incorporation of haunting music and first person “Point of View” cinematography filmed through the use of filters and color tones, we will contrast the controlled obsession of the FBI Agent, juxtaposed with the unsettling chaotic fear into which the girls are suddenly thrust.” 

Head over to Kickstarter to support the campaign and find out more.