This Sculpture Looks Like an Enormous Lovecraftian Monster


Suspended 22 metres is Wu Zei, a massive sculpture by artist Huang Yong Ping.  The piece was originally created as an exhibit for the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, and aims to highlight maritime catastrophes caused by man. The enormous hybrid creature — the mutation of an octopus and a cuttlefish — invades the architecture of the space, hanging from ceiling supports and wrapping its large tentacles around columns. There’s a very Lovecraft-y feel to it, which we appreciate!


The impressive sculpture has now been  revived and placed in Qatar Museums for a show called What About the Art? Contemporary Art from China, curated by artist Cai Guo-Qiang. To further illustrate the piece’s environmental message, discarded items and other creatures are stuck and tangles within it’s vast tentacles.