Scottish Pumpkin Patch Features Giant Pumpkin Cannon

A Scottish pumpkin patch is attracting visitors with a unique Halloween attraction.

St Abbs Pumpkin Patch in the Scottish Borders can fire the Halloween gourd up to 150 meters. The cannon is fired by staff every fifteen minutes, allowing visitors to take in the astonishing sight. The pumpkins are aimed at large hay bales which have been decorated by a local artist.

Fluer Baxter painted Marvel Avengers characters on to the bales of hay to be knocked down by the flying pumpkins!

As well as the unique exhibit, the farms a popular spot to pick up a seasonal pumpkin – currently housing over 22,000.

Annabell, who runs the pumpkin patch said “It’s been really popular with visitors, especially because it shoots out the pumpkins so fast and they travel such a long way across the field.”

Check oout the video below of the powerful cannon in action.

Find out more about this unique Halloween attraction on the patch’s Facebook.