Scottish Horror ‘Bridal Fever’ Gets First Trailer


The trailer for upcoming Scottish independent horror Bridal Fever dropped earlier today. Bridal Fever is a gritty, suspenseful feature length horror film written and directed by Hayley McInline.

Bridal Fever focuses on the story of Lisa, a good looking, troubled, 23 year old, who is plagued with memories of a traumatic childhood. Lisa, now married, finally thinks she has escaped from the devil inside her, that is until she sees the love of her life cheat with a teenage girl. A mistake he will quite literally pay for with his life.


The film follows husband Stuart, his lover and their friends as they go exploring an old fever hospital, however, they soon find themselves forced into the forest fleeing for their lives as pain and torture reign upon them, dished out by the Evil Bride. One by one the friends are picked off but they don’t get the privilege of a quick kill, instead they suffer horrifyingly slow and painful deaths shown in disturbing torture scenes.

There will be ferocious black dogs, intense chases and torture instruments used in the most imaginative and uncomfortable of ways.


The Evil Bride character is a real person with added mystery from a deep set partnership with the devil himself. She stalks and chases her victims, seeking revenge, her ultimate prize the nether regions of any man who has wronged her.

Hayley McInline is from a special effects background and so has always been extremely passionate about bringing practical effects to our screens, working mainly in the Horror Genre. She creates horrifying characters and brutal wounds that make even the cast and crew wince during filming. Directing her own films has always been her ultimate goal and now Bridal Fever will bring her love of creating unique horrifying characters and her love of storytelling together perfectly.

Check out the newly released trailer below.