This Scottish Holographic Outdoor Experience Brings Demons and Ghosts to Life


The Influence Machine is an internationally acclaimed immersive outdoor sculptural experience by artist Tony Oursler.

Described as a ‘holographic model of human desire and dread’, The Influence Machine captures the haunting atmosphere of magic lanterns, Victorian light shows, camera obscura and parlour tricks, while embracing the fully networked, digitally-assisted future of image and identity production.


Edinburgh’s George Square will play host to the delightfully ghoulish display, which children and adults alike can explore to the tune of a tinkling glass harmonica. Characters are projected onto buildings, trees and swirling mist, accompanied by a light display and voices.


Oursler draws on a wide research base including art history, parapsychology, scenography, anthropology, mimetic-technology, phenemology and neuroscience.


You can find out more about this ghostly project here.

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