School Drama Club Create Incredible Looking Play Based on ALIEN

Students in a high school drama club have received worldwide praise for creating an elaborate play based on horror classic Alien. North Bergen High School, New Jersey have gone viral with images showing the extraordinary level of detail in the sets and costumes for their performance. The creative kids have even been congratulated by the official franchise, with the group receiving a heartfelt letter from director Ridley Scott.

This isn’t the groups first horror performance; last year they created a play based on Night of the Living Dead. Recycled materials were used to construct the large scale set pieces and detailed costumes.

The students, Ibrahim Jaludi, David De Diego, Pedro Sarmiento, Britney Gonzalez, Jason Lopez, Dakota Rios, and Gabriella Delacruz worked with teachers to produce the show on a low budget. The play was adapted and directed by English teacher Perfecto Cuervo. Among those credited with the design is artist Steven Defendini, a North Bergen High School teacher who instructs drawing and digital media.

Check out some photos from the play, and shots of some of the amazing designs, below.