Scary Stories from the Gaming World

We are going to ruin your world here! Casino is not always huge jackpots and fun; it is also horror, ruined lives, addiction, and even death.

Scary Stories from the Gaming World

Sometimes, gambling addicts hit the front pages of newspapers. And usually, it happens not at the pleasure of the main “heroes.” What is more, not all things written about them are true. That’s why we have prepared several real-life stories that may serve as a lesson for someone. In any case, there is something to think about.

“Once upon a time, I really wanted to quit gambling, and I read different stories about gambling addict. They especially helped me during bad sessions. It warmed my soul when I realized there were cases even worse than mine.” This is what many fanatical players may have in their mind. Anyway, let’s start; you can always read more in our online casino guide.

Horror in Michigan

Having returned from one of many Las Vegas trips, a small business owner killed his pregnant wife and three small children, and then shot himself in the head. In the house where the tragedy occurred, the police found a suicide note. In the crime and his death, the man accused addiction to gambling. In fact, he was in debt of $ 500,000; the whole sum has been spent in a casino.

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Ruined Life

Bob and Robin sent their son to the college and had high hopes for him. For their luck, Rann showed excellent results at Kalispell college, Montana. In the first year of his study, parents thought that in Rann’s career everything was going perfectly well. However, they were wrong. It was the first time that the boy was so far away from home and felt very lonely. Playing the game of keno helped Rann to cope with loneliness. He got hooked on gambling in the very first day.

In just a few months, he sold almost all his possessions in order to support his addiction. As a result, he was kicked out of the apartment that he rented, and Rann had to live in his car. Parents couldn’t even imagine what happens with their son that until they found out that Rann forged cheques from their bank account. They also noticed that some expensive things began to disappear from the house. They were so shocked and did not know how to deal with the behavior of their son, but decided to act tough. Bob and Robin called the police, and the young man was taken to prison. Rann spent several months in custody. There he was allowed to work. Thus, when the young man released from prison, he was given $ 2,500 which he had earned when working there. But also this money has been spent in a casino in a few days.

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