Scary Ladies Night

When Sara first introduced me to bingo, I was skeptical about my chances of winning seeing as I had no experience in the game. It took me a while to find my footing as I went through various sites before finding which has tons of bonuses and insights on the game. From that point onward, mine was a story of great plays and equally great rewards, and I finally took on Sara who was a pro in the game.

Let me not get ahead of myself. You see, Sara was quite hard to corner as she knew that I had been practicing for weeks, what with my social media updates and all. As such, every time I asked her to come over for a quick game, she always had an excuse. But what better way to trap a girl than to invite her to a sleepover? You know, a few truth and dare games, lots of gossips, a movie and my surprise, of course, bingo!

To get her to come around to the idea, I had Sophie do the invites, making it look like I was just another guest to the party. It was not long before Sara sent her positive reply and we got to working on our scheme. You have to love a girl like Sophie who lives for trouble. The party would take place at Elsie’s house which we all thought was creepy to some extent, but nobody dared to tell her so to her face. You know those conversations you have about some of your friends when they don’t show up for coffee dates? Yea. I make it a point to show up for all meet-ups. If I’m there, what can you say about me? I’m weird like that. But I’m losing focus on the main point; it’s my thing.

Elsie had inherited her house from a distant uncle who she’d never met. The man was a loner, and when he died, he left his belongings to her, and one of his conditions was that his cremated remains would remain in that house for eternity, thus binding anyone who inherited his house. And his lawyer made sure of it, making a point to check in now and then. Broke, recently divorced and looking for new direction in life, Elsie took up the offer and did not bother reading between the lines. It’s one thing to inherit a house from a stranger, but to have his remains in the living room, that’s another thing. However, she would hear none of it, and Sophie and Sara helped her move in. I just waved from the other side of the road, feeling chilly though the sun was out. But that’s a story for another day.

Creaking stairs, trees that wailed to the sound of the wind and taps that came on in the dead of night; those were the tales that people had about the house. None of us had ever spent a night there and knowing Sara; she was all in for an adventurous night. It was thus no surprise that she showed up by six in the evening with salted popcorn, a smile on her face and a declaration that she would win every single game. Sophie and I played along and together we sat on the porch as we waited for Elsie to show up and let us in. The entire time we were there, I kept thinking of how vampires cannot get in unless you invite them, and I let out a few chuckles in the process, much to the chagrin of Sara who hated being kept waiting.

Elsie showed up a few minutes to seven, carrying lots of groceries as if we were spending the week. Rolling our eyes, we accepted her profuse apologies as Sara snatched the keys from her and opened the door. It swung wide open, and though it was spotless, I couldn’t help but feel defeated as I made my way into the living room. I could see the urn from the entrance, and something in me kept telling me to turn back and run. Winning a bingo game was not worth what was coming. I shook off the feeling, took a seat and reached into my bag of chips. Nobody wanted a tour, and we sat in the living room watching each other’s expressions as Elsie prepared a meal. ‘Is it too late to leave now?’ Sara asked. Realizing that my competition was uneasy gave me confidence, and I nodded. Shrugging, she got hold of a few pillows, set them on the floor and resigned to her fate.

Keeping time has never been Elsie’s strength, and it took her an hour to make some fries and sausages. By that time, we had long discussed the death of her uncle and his weird wishes, and we had moved on to the hottest gossip in town. The truth and dare part was quite easy as nobody held back on the truth. But there was no way in hell that I was about to let on that I had been having racy dreams about Sophie’s brother.

We played a few board games before I brought up the subject of bingo. Frowning, Sara eyed me with suspicion, but the excellent food had her feeling all warm inside, and it did not take long before she accepted the challenge. Soon, all the cards were laid out, and everything was moving along smoothly. We had a lot of fun, and we soon lost ourselves to the game. It was not long before Sara screamed ‘Bingo!’ at us and we all groaned in frustration. As she stood to perform her ever-irritating win dance, the lights went off, and I swear I felt a chill pass in the midst of us. Everyone else must have too because, in a few seconds, we were all scampering in different directions shouting obscenities and yelling for help. It was pure madness as I tried to make my way around a room I barely understood, and all that time I was hoping that I would not touch the urn. I soon realized that I was the only one screaming and I could feel the presence of bodies around me. Trembling, I called out for my friends who did not answer. “This is not funny guys!” I feebly screamed as tears began welling up my eyes. “This is what I get for coming to a crazy dead man’s house,” I whimpered as I called out to them. The human presence was getting stronger and thinking that the girls were playing a trick on me, I grabbed at the nearest body only to touch what could only have been a wet beard. I jumped back and hit another body which let out a groan. Screaming, I started making my way in the darkness, pushing away the bodies that were tugging at me. “Help!” That word played in my mind, but I was too confused and too scared to let words out. I came to a dead end when I found a locked door, and no matter how hard I tried, it would not open. The bodies were by me, and I could feel them pulling me into the room. Screaming, crying and kicking, I fought back, but I was too weak and dumbfounded to have any effect. They carried me to the table, and I was sure that the dead man was about to make me join him wherever he had been the last six months. In my confusion, I could hear giggling that sounded like Elsie’s. “Elsie?” I hopefully asked as I tried to sit up.

“You ruined it!” Sara screamed as the lights came on. It was a few minutes before I regained some calm. The girls were in bear costumes, and they were looking down on me with grins on their faces. It turns out that though the original play was to be on Sara, Sophie had seen it wise to add another surprise, knowing how I felt about the house. The three had conjured a plan to scare the hell out of me and were it not for Elsie’s inability to hold in her giggles; they would have buried me alive. Some friends! I will be carrying pepper spray, a flashlight and a taser to my next overnight bingo game. And yes, I ended up winning some of the subsequent rounds once the drama came to an end. Knowing what they had put me through, they had no issue playing more games before turning in for the night. The games were so much fun that we ended up catching up on a deeper level, and I’ll admit that I felt much better in the end. However, my stand remains regarding the next sleepover. I’ll stay woke!