Scariest Movies of All Time to Watch on Halloween

Who doesn’t like Halloween? Without a doubt, it’s one of the most expected holidays for people of different ages. 

As usual, we decorate our houses with special Halloween attributes, such as pumpkins, fake skulls, witches, and spiders. All of these things add a mysterious mood and fun.

Now it’s about time to check the list with the scariest movie to watch on Halloween. 


The movie number one on our list is a film about a horrible clown Pennywise who kidnaped a lot of people and seriously provoked a whole town. 

Clowns associate with fun and childhood, but not only in this film. This story is about a horrible person who brought misfortune to people and weird things that started happening.

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The Others

The next one is a mysterious story about a family who lived in a huge house. There was nothing unusual with them at first sight, but in reality, something horrifying happened before. 

They lived their everyday life, but one day they started to feel inextricable things such as noise, screaming, and steps in their house. Do you want to know more? Hurry up and watch the movie as soon as possible. 

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Paranormal Activity

This one is a legendary film in the horror industry. It shows the story of a couple who noticed that something strange happens in their home. To reveal the truth, the husband installed a camera to capture everything that happens when young homeowners sleep. 

Things that you will see in this movie will raise your hair. Of course, it’s always scary when invisible power terrorizes you. For now, the franchise implies six films so that you won’t get bored even if you have a lot of free time. 

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The Cabin in the Woods

The film starts with a company of young people who decided to spend a weekend out of the town. What could go wrong? Well, in fact, everything! 

Being trapped in a small house in the woods, they are attacked by mystery creatures who want to kill them one by one. The scariest thing is that these people have been chosen to die. 

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Concluding Words

Watching a horror movie is a great way that can really prepare you for this holiday. It surely is a perfect decision for those who want to bring some thrill in their life.

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