The Scariest Donut You’ll Ever Eat

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 13.42.41

Donuts are awesome. They’ve never really taken off here in the UK in the same way as in the US, but when we come across something as epic as this donut we’re excited! Instagram user Archie Hemmingway shared this fantastic Facehugger donut which he created for his girlfriend. He explains ““She loves Sigourney Weaver more than me I’m pretty sure.”


Making one of body-horror’s most…unpleasant critters look delicious is pretty impressive, and this rasberry filled treat makes would make me happy to stick a Facehugger in my mouth. Even more impressive is that it is not stuck together in any way, with Hemmingway baking the piece as a complete shape.

This is not the first romantic Alien related gift the baker has created for his partner. Check out this fully grown  Xenomorph donut.


Archie’s work is not limited to horror, with cartoon, gaming and pop culture references showing up in his unique donuts. Check them out at his Instagram.

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