Crowdfund Spotlight: Scampenstein – A Gothic Animated Film


I’m definitely a dog person, and a big fan of the classic Universal Monster Movies, so this crowdfunding project caught my attention. Scampenstein is an in-development graphic novel and animated film, currently seeking £3000 on IndieGoGo.  The project has received support from well respected public figures, including comedian Stephen Fry.

Here’s the plot:

Dr. Frankenstein’s great grandson Victor has set up a secret laboratory in the disused Battersea Power Station in London, England. He wants to utilize the electrical switch gear there in order to create a super obedient re-animated dog monster with a genetically modified brain.

His evil plan is for this dog to lead an army of zombie cats to spread a fatal virus around London and therefore the rest of the world. The object is to destroy civilization and thus reduce global warming. This is to prevent further melting of the Antarctic ice which he believes contain the frozen bane of the House of Frankenstein – the original re-animated man monster.

He believes that if the ice melts the monster will rise up and seek him out to destroy him in revenge for his great-grandfather having destroyed the monster’s bride.

Scampenstein is the story of twin puppies Rocky and Scamp. When Scamp is dognapped by Victor’s henchmen Rocky sets out to rescue him from a fate worse than death. Determined to save his twin Rocky enlists the help of Scruffy – the tough streetwise leader of a Fagan-esque gang of strays living in a secret crypt hide-out in London’s famous Nunhead Victorian Cemetery.

Rocky and the others set out on a series of madcap adventures as they search London for Scamp – at the same time upsetting various dog wardens, fashion models, bankers, butchers and other symbols of modern London life.


The film will be written by Brendan O’Neill, a Birmingham, UK based award winning filmmaker and screenwriter. In the last few years he’s been selected for 1 regional, 2 national and 2 international talent development schemes. In May 2014 he was selected for a UK team that pitched film ideas at Dragon Forum – part of the Krakow International Film Festival.

You can check out the project’s developments on the official blog, and support the project on IndieGoGo.

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