“Saw Meets House on Haunted Hill Meets TRON” – What To Expect In ‘The House With Neon Windows’


You may have seen us on social media discussing a brand new attraction coming to Glasgow Horror Fest 2018. For one night only, we will be bringing a 1980s horror escape room to Glasgow. The House With Neon Windows is a unique Halloween experience, set to a live soundscape featuring Ancient Order of the Droids and DJ’d by Mr Naga.

The attraction will combine escape room puzzles, ciphers and clues – alongside the vibe of an 80s Halloween party with glowing neon decor –  hosted by the spookiest host in town. Here’s a quick introduction to the plot:

In the 1980s, The House With Neon Windows was a notorious party spot for an electric assortment of guests. High on a hilltop, the shadowy silhouettes of figures with tails, hooves and long, trailing cloaks could be seen entering the house from the town below. While dozens of guests poured into the large house on a nightly basis, not a single one was ever seen leaving. Meanwhile, the surrounding town was reporting an unusual amount of people missing. 

The local police eventually obtained a warrant to search the house. With the neon windows glowing on another dark night, officers entered the house. They were never seen or heard of again. Whatever occurred must have spooked the host, because the house was dark and silent the following night. And the next. In fact, the neon lights weren’t seen again until the following Halloween, when swarms of eerie figures were once again seen on the hill. 

Now the house only seems to come alive once a year, on All Hallows Eve. This year, the host has extended his invite list, and you are delivered a mysterious invitation. Curious, you take the long walk uphill to House. The host greets you warmly, and welcomes you to the party. But there is a twist! The guests are tasked with solving 13 murders, all of which have taken place on Halloween nights in the house. The first team to find the names and causes of death of all 13 will be presented with a spectacular prize. The rest will not leave the house alive…

The experience consists of 13 puzzles stations, each of which when solved reveal the name and cause of death of one of the 13 victims. The puzzles can be solved in any order, and teams will rotate between each puzzle station taking on a variety of code-breaking, logic and and clue-finding puzzles and challenges. A set amount of time is allocated for teams to solve the puzzles, with the infamous host on hand to keep up the spooky atmosphere and scares.

But beware – the house is host to many an otherworldly guest, and some of them weren’t planning on humans visiting this Halloween. Not every creature is friendly, and some would delight in seeing you trapped in the neon house forever.

The game is part of Glasgow Horror Festival, and is included in all weekend tickets, and Saturday tickets. We will be moving from The Classic Grand to Stereo’s eerie boiler room around 6PM. Everyone who wishes to join us at The House With Neon Windows will be given their invitation as they exit The Classic Grand.

Reserve your tickets for the game, and the rest of the festival now!


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