If Disney Princesses looked like Billy the Puppet

You find some bizarre mashups out there! Writer and artist Anna Kopsky imagines what some of Disney’s most recognisable Princess characters would look like if they teamed up with Billy the Puppet from the Saw franchise. She also provides an amusing narrative of how the princesses might fit in to the horror. Check them out below, or see more of Kopsky’s work on Buzzfeed.


“Ariel would help carry on Jigsaw’s legacy from deep below sea level.”


“And Belle, who looks strikingly like Amanda, would continue trying not to let her emotions get the best of her.”


“Cinderella would plan an elaborate game for her stepsisters and stepmother.”


“Snow White would team up with the wicked Queen to learn poisonous potions to use for future games.”


“Mulan would go undercover to acquire confidential information about players for Jigsaw’s games.”


“And Aurora would drag her three fairy friends with her to use their powers for solid, gory evil.”

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