Satan Claus – Truly Terrifying Christmas Decorations

Ho ho ho! We’re now only a couple of days away from Christmas, and we hope you have been enjoying our coverage of the darker side of the holiday. We’ve showcased the scariest snowmen, spooky kids and twisted toys – and now it’s time for another favourite; the influx of terrifying decorations on store shelves this time of year.

Prepare for misshapen monsters, body horror, unsettling Santas and more, here’s a selection of the more frightening holiday decorations out there.

*Note* We’re picking decorations that we assume were not designed to be scary. There’s plenty of horror inspired products out there, but we’re focusing on the unpleasant disasters and general weirdness haunting trees around the world.

A timeless holiday tradition – reenacting Wickerman

Mother, make it stop!

The expressions say it all.

Not only does the box seem to only contain three ornaments, they all seem to be howling in terror.

What goes on top of the tree? A grenade?

What is it? Possibly some sort of star? Whatever it was supposed to be – it turned out looking like a Lovecraft monster

Where’s the last place you would want Santa’s face to be? There’s a product for that.

Tree Buddees Selfie Santa – for that narcissistic friend you hate

A ‘glass tree’…apparently

This horrifying monstrosity

Come closer children…

I think I know your cousin Chucky.

We’re going to assume the vehicle is for transporting the bodies.

“Kill me…”

Ah, Santa’s hollowed out skull does make a festive cafe.