Sacrilege: Red Box Release & Behind-The-Scenes

Viva Pictures Distribution has announced the Red Box release of the horror film Sacrilege. Additionally, the film is available to purchase or rent via Amazon, YouTube, Vudu, iTunes, and Google Play.

Written and directed by Paul Catalanotto and produced by John Allen, Sacrilege stars Jenn Foreman (13 Sins), Jordan Salloum (Old Boy), Megan Few (Making of a Serial Killer), Kim Baptiste (The Ultimate Legacy), and Greg Pearson (13 Sins).

The film centers on carefree college student, Jessica. Desperate to avoid responsibility, she visits a yard sale to buy a gift for her best friend. However, the music box she brings home is haunted by a vicious demonic entity eager to feed off the lives of all who hear the box’s melody. After her best friend takes her own life, Jessica seeks the aid of two ghost hunters, but they too find themselves out of their depth. Desperate to free herself of the cursed box, she searches for the box’s origin only to find that true evil begins with best of intentions.

The film was produced by Untitled Films and the University of New Orleans and was shot on location in Metairie and Hammond, Louisiana. For more information, follow the film on Facebook or visit Viva Pictures.

The team have kindly given us some behind-the-scenes shots from the film to share with our readers, check those out below.

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