Indie Horror Film to Explore Paradise Island Ritualistic Suicides


Currently in it’s early production stages, SACRACIDE is an upcoming independent horror film which explores unexplained deaths on a paradise holiday island. It’s a psychological horror offering, taking the genre back to it’s roots and stripped back with indie filmmaking rawness. Following Lucy, who considers herself something of an Ibiza veteran, the film follows her falling victim to the dark ways of an evil cult on a Bonnie and Clyde influenced adventure.

The filmmaker behind the project is Mungo Benson who has so far directed two feature films (Castles Made of Sand and The Ebola Diaries) and twelve award-winning shorts.

SACRACIDE explores the mysterious underbelly of the party island Ibiza, which has been both terrorising and protecting it for thousands of years. With many left to flourish at the cost of just a few, sacrifices have been part of the history of the fertile rock in the middle of the Mediterranean. Now is no different.

SACRACIDE will take the horror back to its roots with old school rawness, nail biting tension and iconic performances as it uncovers the unreported mysteries behind the Dance capital of the world. A combustive cast of uncut talent coupled with one of the most cutting edge award winning up and coming production teams promises to provide some cinematic fireworks which has the potential alchemy of a cult classic.

The film is set to hit the festival circuit in 2017.

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