Rottweiler Halloween Costumes

Halloween is here. You and the family are ready to go out trick or treating. What about your most loyal friend, your Rottweiler dog? Surely you wouldn’t want him to remain home alone, sad and bored while you have all the fun. Let him in on the action. He, too, needs to enjoy Halloween.

According to DogStruggles, 80% of Rottweiler owners find it difficult to pick a Halloween costume for their four-legged friends. Luckily after going through this article, you won’t be part of this statistic. Below are some of the best Rottweiler Halloween costumes you can get for your adorable friend;

1. Lion

Thought your Rottweiler pup was cute? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. A lions mane will make him adorable to a fault. Get him one and watch as he gets all the attention from passerby’s. Your dog will also light up when he notices he’s the main attraction.

2. Business, the Boss

Ain’t nothing as scary as meeting your boss in public, knowing very well you are yet to meet the set deadlines. Your Rottie will have the same effect on all the people you meet. He means business. This look is effortless to pull. A tie around the neck will do the trick. You don’t even have to buy one. One of your ties works just fine.

3. Nurse

Feeling a little dizzy or tired. What do you think could be the problem. Why not try asking your passively adorable Rottweiler nurse. He might have an answer. You also don’t have to be afraid of taking too much candy. Not when you have a loyal nurse at your beck and call. To achieve the nurse’s look, get him glasses, a nurse cap, and a stethoscope and voula. You have a family nurse.

4. Witch

The best Halloween costume for your pup is one that will make him stand out and at the same time comfortable. A witch costume does exactly that. A witches’ hat and a ring tied around your pup’s neck will make him an outstanding Halloween character.

5. Biker

Is your Rottweiler a bit ruff and always on the move? Why not use that to your advantage. Dress him up as a biker. A scarf, leather jacket, and a cap will make him the most popular biker around with your Rottie in this costume. You are sure to make a large profit from the much-coveted Halloween candy.

6. Medieval Knight

Everyone is always looking for their knight and shining armor. How lucky you are. Yours is already with you .dress your Rottie pup as a knight and get everyone jealous. What’s more, your candy bucket will fill up faster, as your pup will be irresistible.

7. Sting

Rottweiler’s are dedicated to their owners and are over possessive. A trait they share with bees, which are hardworking and will protect their hive to the death. Bring out this trait in them by dressing them like a bee.