ROTTENTAIL Principal Photography Begins

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The upcoming horror film Rottentail has begun principle photography and is currently shooting in Phoenix, Arizona.

Source Point Press, the publishing arm of Source Point Productions, previously announced that their horror graphic novel Rottentail would soon be made into a feature film and cast Corin Nemec (Supernatural, Stargate SG-1, Lake Placid vs. Anaconda) in the lead of Peter Cotton, and the monstrous form of Rottentail. Now further casting has been done and the production of the film is underway.

Director Brian Skiba (Blood Moon Rising, Anatomy of Deception, .357) and Director of Photography Patrice Crochet have already wrapped some successful scenes in the first couple days, including a gore-heavy scene. Producer Travis McIntire says “We blew up someone’s head in a scene today, splattered it across the room, and it went incredibly well. All of the sets here look fantastic and are loaded with neat details.”

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Award-winning special FX makeup artist Todd Tucker (Watchmen, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and his team are responsible for the amazing transformation of Corin Nemec’s character Peter Cotton into the monstrous mutant rabbit Rottentail.

“From the graphic novel art by Kurt Belcher to the movie concept art to the actual makeup work, it’s incredible seeing the journey of this character,” says Source Point Press Art Director Joshua Werner. “Rottentail is going to horrify and sicken you on screen… and probably make you laugh as well.” When asked by a fan on Twitter how long the makeup takes, actor Corin Nemec replied that it was an hour and a half long process. Not bad for such a drastic change in appearance.

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Based on the graphic novel written by David C. Hayes and Kevin Moyers, with art by Kurt Belcher, Rottentail tells the story of geeky fertility researcher Peter Cotton, who is bitten by a mutated test bunny, changing him into the half-man/half-rabbit Rottentail. Peter begins a bloody killing spree of revenge that leads him back to his childhood hometown of Easter Falls. The movie has now cast the full line of characters for the film version, including David C. Hayes himself playing the character Louis, Dominique Swain as Ana and Billy McNamara as Jake.

The Rottentail movie is scheduled for a 2017 release, and the graphic novel it is based on is available for purchase in stores and online from Source Point Press.