RJ Bayley Reviews: Thankskilling

ThanksKilling is one of those rare films that aspires to be so bad its good, instead of simply being so accidentally. A wise choice given the incredibly limited means of writer/director/producers Jordan Downey and Kevin Stewart.

The plot, for what its worth, involves a long dead turkey rising during the Thanksgiving holiday to take revenge on the white people who destroyed the Native American lands.
Watching ThanksKilling is a strangely trans-formative experience that begins before you’re even watching it. If you’re watching this film then its almost certain you have sought it out or someone is showing it to you. Either way, you will undoubtedly be bracing yourself for something truly low-budget and terrible.

However it soon becomes apparent that the film is legitimately funny, and not just in a so-bad-its-good way. Yes, the humour is very crass and vulgar (think poo-coffee vulgar), but if you’re a fan of twisted comedy horrors like Stitches and Dead Snow, you are in for a treat.

The killer turkey, Turkie (voiced by director Jordan Downey) could easily be incredibly irritating but somehow manages to be very entertaining. It could be the fact he’s of very shoddy construction and is clearly a glove puppet. It could be that he’s a foul-mouthed dumbass of a villain, like Freddy Kruger if he were a feathered jock. Or it could simply be he carries out an act that has to be seen to be believed. Either way, Turkie is low-brow fun of the highest order.

As Turkie’s violence escalates the film becomes an increasingly cartoonish world where one can no longer separate what’s meant to be bad from what’s supposed to be. The whole thing is a very accomplished exercise in making a tiny budget an asset and its very enjoyable to boot.

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