RJ Bayley Reviews: Texas Chain Saw Massacre – Chicken Run

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Writer, director and producer Gary J. Tunnicliffe’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – Chicken Run claims to be inspired chiefly by Tobe Hooper’s seminal 1974 original. This film, however, seems to have far more in common with the 2003 Marcus Nispel helmed remake, right down to lead actress Melanie Lastrina wearing Jessica Biel’s knotted tank top and jeans outfit.

It’s also shot through that very, very yellow filter the 2003 remake also had and has about the same amount of blood in its four minutes as the ‘74 version did in it’s whole running length.

It’s all competently done and special mention goes to the effective set decoration and photography of it, the two working well in conjunction and managing to make a lot out of a little. As for the main thrust of the thing, it is a little too simplistic. Granted that the original’s simplicity is what makes it such an unrelentingly terrifying experience, but the reason that worked was because it never let up over the course of 80+ minutes. This tries the same trick, except over only one 20th of that timespan. There just isn’t enough running time for it to take effect. It’s over before you know it and while it’s certainly abrasive, one would be hard pushed to call that actually scary. Given how solidly made this short is, and his remarkable efficiency of filmmaking, it’d be great to see what Tunnicliffe can accomplish over a longer length of time.


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