RJ Bayley Reviews: Stitches

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Not to be confused with the other killer clown movie starring Ross Noble, Stitches is another film from the Bloody Cuts stable of shorts.. Like all the other movies from Bloody Cuts, this one is supremely polished in every aspect, from Ben Kent’s direction, to Bethan Hanks central role as Rachel, to the make up by James Greenwood.

It’s got a fun, campy tone and the film knows it. It’s not at all scary, it just has one ‘Boo!’ which you can see coming a mile off. But this isn’t about being scary. With the simple but brilliantly effective set strewn with action figures and models of horror and other pop culture icons, this is a film that’s primarily about evoking nostalgia. The entire scenario is ripped directly from the late great Wes Craven’s Scream and the tele keeps fuzzing in and out, giving us snapshots of information about the wider story outside the film’s setting – just like Night of the Living Dead.

Ultimately Stitches is simply a wistful affection for past horror tropes, carried off in a very professional way: and that’s all it wants to be. And in that goal, it succeeds.


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